Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen 3D filming with mirror rig on Mount Halde

MORTEN SKALLERUD is based in Oslo, Norway and works as Director of
Photography on Stop Motion and other films. He also does cinematography for VFX,
timelapse, stereoscopic 3D, VR/AR and various "non-standard" cinematography. 

CAMERA MAGICA produces short films and commissioned films, makes & sells
stockshots and rents out equipment for stop-motion and timelapse shooting.

90 sec Stop Motion - Morten Skallerud, Director of Photography :

Stop Motion DoP Morten Skallerud Demoroll v2a

Timelapse - Construction of new Munch Museum in Oslo :
(misc timelapse shots 2016 - 2019)

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Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis

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